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Carolyn Beale

Looking for powerful, cost-effective ways to connect with your ideal customers and collaborators?  Want your business to be more profitable, so you can spend more time doing what you love?

Discover how effective business communications can nurture ongoing relationships with your existing customer base, while attracting targeted new potential clients.

We offer inspired and affordable business communications and social media marketing services, and would be pleased to speak with you about monthly plans and options to fit your specific needs and budget.

It’s our pleasure to provide you with services designed to streamline your marketing practices, expand your online presence and exposure, and grow your bottom line!

What We Offer:

CVAC member

*        Inspired, creative, and uplifting email and social media campaigns that capture & reflect your unique business essence and offering (for additional information, please see Services)

*        Streamlined, accessible services

*        Polished editing and proofreading skills

*       Clear client communications; a commitment to respond to emails in a timely manner and all calls returned within 24 hours

*        20 years experience in business communications (see “Client Testimonials” below)

*        A commitment to ongoing learning

Client Testimonials:

“Highly recommend. Took the information that I had and created fantastic copywriting for my upcoming TeleSummit. Definitely would hire again.”
Speaker88, Elance

“Carolyn is the best writer I have worked with on eLance to date!”
MikeAtRockVentures, Elance

“Carolyn Beale is wonderful. Used her for a 3rd review of my book right before printing. She found dozens of potentially embarrassing mistakes. Cost more than the first 2 but well worth it. Thanks!”
~ Star Bobatoon, Attorney, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Washington D.C. Metro Area

“Very easy to deal with. Warm and friendly and would use again.”

“With the end of ‘business as usual’, what could be more RELEVANT, Critical, of Primary Importance as a Conscious Business Owner than to Have THE BEST Outsource Support for your mission?

Carolyn Beale has been with us at – and acted as our Rock and right hand person for over two years – and I recommend her with the Experience and the Joy of sharing her incredible focus, and consistent Impeccability with projects.”
~ Sue Stebbins, Founder,
#1 Breakthrough Business Coaching for the New Economy

“Carolyn has been absolutely wonderful.  Carolyn has done an excellent job at taking initiative, making decisions based on what she knows to be the most logically important tasks and she is able to be very autonomous.  She is efficient and works very fast.  What I am especially grateful for is the fact that I can provide a basic outline of what I want done and with very little more, she is able to take the ball and run with it.  In the past, with other assistants, it’s always been necessary for me to ‘double-check’ their work and constantly direct and guide them on what I perceived to be basic customer service type skills.  However, with Carolyn, she already ‘gets’ the importance of excellent communication and customer service and naturally supports the process.  It’s such a relief to not feel the need to ‘double-check’ or worry about whether or not she is representing my company appropriately.  She is a natural communicator, honest, reliable, and very intelligent.  She’s a problem-solver and a self-initiator.  I highly recommend Carolyn for both large and small projects and I will continue to hire Carolyn for VA work, writing, internet marketing, and project management.  One thing more… she is a delightful person; cheerful, optimistic, and fun.  This makes working with Carolyn all the more enjoyable!”

~ Anisa Aven,

“Carolyn Beale has been editing my weekly newsletter articles for a year now, and I have been extremely satisfied on every occasion.

Not only is she extremely quick and timely, but she manages to take my words and make them sound better than I ever could, without compromising my voice or writing style.

It’s me, only better.”
~ Bridgette Raes,

What I Enjoy:

*        Helping eco-friendly and ethically conscious businesses grow and thrive

*        Travel and Adventure in new (and sometimes old) places

*        Beauty and Possibilities

*        Music (jazz, rock, alternative, celtic, R&B, classical); especially live

*        Yoga

*        Working with a global community of aligned and uplifting partners for mutual celebration and abundant expansion



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